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Year: 2010-???

Role: Various

Plus: Too Many People to Name


This is a culmination of all design school years and projects around that time. Don't ask for the details its been so many years ( long time ).


The Artist Formerly Known as Jonathan

This is a grab bag of projects from my school years. I was fond of using mixed media, monster type, gritty can see the pattern there. My focus was on creativity and grabbing attention with the layout and color. The projects ranged from album covers and film web experiences to posters and magazine layouts.

Design Immemorial 

Below is my first attempt at a website all those years ago. It was for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army...which is an underrated gem IMO 💁‍♂️. I loved combining the retro, postapocalyptic vibe with almost anything though some of my UX choises were rather suspect...

Vaughan Oliver 

Vaughan Oliver was a British graphic designer  best known for his work with graphic design studios 23 Envelope and v23. He gave distinct visual identities for the 4AD releases by many bands, including my favorites The Breeders and Pixies. This was my attempt to design in his style. I gathered all the materials by hand and clipped them into photoshop. 

More projects

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© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau

© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau

© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau