About Me!

Hello! Nice to meet you. A couple things about me. I was born and raised in Van Nuys California. My roots are Mexican and French. I have a passion for TTRPGs, guitars, and vintage cars. I’m searching for spiritual warriors. I always fight for the underdog. Tell me you like RoundTable Pizza and you’ll be my best friend.

Stuff I Believe In
Stuff I Believe In

Comic Book Nerd

Don’t tell my wife but I have around 3,000 comic books…and maybe 300 graphic novels…aaaaand a bunch of “action figures”. Have I read all of them? No. But I need all of them.


Cat Servant

I serve two cats. Salt and Pepper or when they’re nice Sugar and Cinammon. Actually their names are Chibi and Shiro. Chibi likes freeze dried shrimp and Shiro prefers to eat bugs.


Unsafe at Any Speed

There are times when I’m driving my Chevy Corvair on the freeway going like 55 mph, with all the cars flying past me, and I start thinking “yeah this is pretty unsafe.”

Unsafe at Any Speed


I Design for Utility First

Utility is the state of being useful. Useful things are understandable, their purpose is clear in the moment you use them.

Good design is clear. It gives clarity of purpose: what actions are possible, what is happening, what is about to happen.


Former/Current Musician…

I used to be a musician. I still am but I used to too…


© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau

© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau

© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau

© 2022 Jonathan Brazeau